Frequently Asked Questions

We’re well-suited for seniors who need some assistance with everyday tasks. Actions such as getting dressed, eating, taking baths and showers, medications, etc. But because needs are specific to each individual, each resident has their own Individualized Service Plan (ISP), which is a program designed around their needs and preferences and what would best help them.

Yes, absolutely. Medication management is so important especially as we age. That’s why we place a high emphasis on ease and consistency for medication management. We have local pharmacies deliver weekly pop-out pills in packets. They’re already labeled, sorted, and correctly measured so no mix-up, no expired pills and no fuss.

Prior to moving in, we have a pre-admission assessment. During the assessment, the care team works with and determines how to best serve the resident and what their needs/preferences are. We go over standard routines, tour the facility, discover what they like/don’t like, and create a plan that benefits them to the fullest.

This Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is regularly updated and changed depending on the preferences the resident has. For example, if the resident no longer likes a certain activity or wishes to try something new, it gets added to the care plan and the care team takes note to incorporate that into their routine.

Costs vary depending on the level of care needed by the resident. Costs are fully noted and based off the residents Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Our base level of care includes housekeeping, laundry and fresh linens, three nutritious meals and snacks daily, weekly check-ups, and all of our activities and facility usage.

Additional care can be provided based on the residents Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re currently halting physical visits out of concern for our resident’s safety. Instead we are offering digital tours.

We offer a variety of activities to keep residents busy and engaged. They range from relaxing to mentally stimulating, entertaining to thoughtful, and indoors to outdoors.

Music Therapy.


Physical Activities.

Crafts and Paints.

Movies and Games.

Connecting with Community.

Group activities.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we hold monthly resident council meetings so every person can voice their input of changes they would like to see. Transparency is important to us and we want to know how each resident is feeling. We encourage residents to participate in discovering what’s fun, enjoyable, and meaningful to them. It’s important to us to see how the residents are doing and what changes can be done to improve their lives.

Yes, residents are given 3 nutritious meals daily. In addition, snacks and beverages are provided throughout the day should they want to eat or drink some more.

Yes, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visiting hours are restricted to virtual visits. Safety is important to us. And though we would like physical company, we’ve decided to prioritize the health and safety of our residents. To ease the transition, we have reliable high-speed GiggleMax internet so that video-chatting is responsive and convenient.

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