Welcome to Safer Senior Living

" It's good to be here. I feel good and my mom loves the place. "  —  Griffin Shieh, IBM Engineer

608 W Palm Dr. Arcadia, Ca. 91007

Assisted Living & Wellness is a residential care facility for the elderly located in the heart of Arcadia. We’re not just any kind of assisted living residence, but one who is here to stay and help. With robust environments and tenacious staff, we provide seniors a healthy, happy, and meaningful lifestyle. Peace and comfort are important pillars to us and we work diligently to maintain them.

Sound important to you? Because it is to us.

How May We Help You?

We offer a number of services depending on the individual’s needs.


24 Hour Care

Multiple staff are around the clock to ensure everyone is well-cared for. Besides just physical care, having fun, feeling understood, heard, and respected are house principles.


Daily Assisted Living

We’re well-suited for seniors who need some assistance with everyday tasks. Actions such as getting dressed, eating, taking baths and showers, medications, etc.


Medication Management

We have local pharmacies deliver weekly pop-out pills in packets. They’re already labeled, sorted, and correctly measured so no mix-up, no expired pills and no fuss.

” The place is so spacious and beautiful. Definitely a flagship area for seniors. ”
Vanessa Ricchiazzi, Resident In-Law


” Friendly staff and comfortable living. ”
Karl Ada, Resident


” I love the ambience here. Quiet and smooth music in one area, peace and quiet in another. ”
Vivian Lee, Violin Musician